The Graduate Program in Global Studies offers five degrees that are accredited by MEXT:

The M.A. in Global Studies emphasizes the study of global issues from social science perspectives, focusing on global-local, systemic, and transnational processes. The degree prepares students for research and teaching positions in academia, think tanks and international organizations, as well as entry into doctoral programs.

The M.A. in International Business and Development Studies emphasizes the acquisition of analytical skills to deal with a range of contemporary global business and development problems that focus on Japan and Asia. It prepares students for careers in business firms and development organizations with an international orientation.

The M.A. in Japanese Studies enables an interdisciplinary approach to the study of both historical and contemporary aspects of Japanese history, literature, religion, art history, society, and culture. It prepares students for further study and research in doctoral programs that place a premium on knowledge about Japan.

The Ph.D. in Global Studies is designed for the advanced study of specific regions and locales in the context of global processes. It prepares students for academic posts in university area, international, and global studies programs, as well as research positions in institutions requiring advanced analysis of countries and regions in a global context.

The Ph.D in Japanese Studies is designed for the advanced study of Japan in a transnational, regional and global context. Research and writing agendas emphasize methods and concepts from the disciplines of art history, literature, history, religious studies, cultural anthropology, media studies and cultural studies. The degree prepares students for academic positions in Japanese Studies programs, for research positions in foundations, NGOs, and companies that need avanced analyses of countries and regions in global contexts.