BD507 Asian Comparative Management

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Asian Comparative Management
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COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides a foundation for understanding and managing in a global multicultural environment and workplace. Student will develop an understanding of the similarities and difference in management practice and environment in different national, cultural and regional settings. In this connection, the course is divided into three components: Re-Orienting Asian Management Who are the major Asian companies? How do they manage their business?  convergence and divergence debates (functional equivalents) Comparative Management What are the similarities and differences in Asian management styles? What are its sources/influences?  culture and institutions debates Managing Across Borders How do Asian companies build value and improve performance throughout its value chain? What challenges do they face in moving from domestic to international operations?  functional issues Throughout the course, the impact of culture and institutions will be examined on both the micro and macro-organizational issues, including employee motivation, leadership, communication, negotiation, decision making, as well as firm strategies, systems, and multinational teams. COURSE ORGANIZATION: The class will be conducted as an interactive exchange. Students will take an active role in leading discussions, presenting cases, and providing critical commentary. Each class will involve discussion. Lecture will be utilized to provide grounding for subject content. Students will be responsible for completing assignments and participating in discussion of course materials.
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M.A. in International Business and Development Studies
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