Credit Track

M.A. Credit Track

Credit-track graduation requirements are ; 1) accumulation of 30 course credits ; 2) continuous registration for "Research Guidance" (0 credit)* under the name of the studen's advisor from the first semester until the graduation semester; 3) submission of a graduation project. In the semester of intended graduation, a student registers for "Graduation Project" (0 credits)*. Students on the credit track who expect to graduate in less than four semesters must apply for "Early Graduation" in the semester of intended graduation.

Overview  The credit track emphasizes coursework, with a graduation project. The project allows students to further their knowledge of a topic or issue they encountered in a course. The project is a research paper, unless the student requests another format and the advisor's agree. The research paper is undertaken in the student's final semester and is supervised and evaluated by a professor of the student's choosing in the student's degree area.

The Graduation Project  The graduation project typically expands on a topic that the student encountered in a course through further research and writing. Students can use secondary sources, primary sources or a combination thereof. The final paper is 20–30 pages in length, including notes and references.

Selecting an Advisor  At the end of the second-to-last semester, or beginning of the last semester, students ask their advisor to supervise their graduation project. The advisor is usually a professor who has taught the student in class. The advisor can be someone other than the formal advisor assigned to students in their first semester.

Typical Graduation Project Schedule (final semester)
Month 1: The student works with the advisor to develop the paper's focus and develop a paper outline, bibliography and schedule.

Month 2–3: The student pursues reading and research and writes a first draft.

Month 4: The student submits the first draft to the supervisor for comment and then revises the paper accordingly. Two copies of the final draft must be submitted by the final deadline (see academic calendar) to the graduate program office.