Ph.D. in Global Studies

The Ph.D. in Global Studies is designed for the advanced study of specific areas or locales in the context of global processes and transnational connections. While the questions and lines of inquiry in global studies are interdisciplinary, research and writing agendas emphasize methods and concepts from the disciplines of history, political science, and sociology. The degree is intended to prepare persons for academic positions in area, international, and global studies programs, or for research positions in foundations, NGOs, and companies that need advanced analysis of countries and regions in global contexts.

The Ph.D. program, which requires a three-year residency, focuses on the writing of a doctoral dissertation. For students entering from 2018, earning 6 credits from the specified number of courses is mandatory for the attainment of the doctorate. Candidates first pass several qualifying exams and then, upon successful defense of a dissertation prospectus proceed to dissertation research and writing. To enable close guidance of the dissertation, only a few candidates are admitted each year.