M.A. in International Business & Development Studies

The M.A. in International Business and Development Studies emphasizes the acquisition of analytical skills to deal with a broad range of contemporary and development problems with a strong focus on Japan and Asia. It seeks to provide students with an integrated understanding of business and development together with specialized training in one of these fields. Due to globalization, business activities are increasingly worldwide in scope, requiring a deep understanding of conditions in both developed and developing countries as well as specialized management capability. International organizations, governments of developing countries, and businesses committed to sustainable develpment likewise need specialists capable of handling develpment issues from a business perspective. In pursuing this degree graduate students are advised to plan their course selection in consultation with faculty members so as to facilitate the acquisition of an integrated or specialized capability in business and/or economics.

Note for Prospective Applicants: Each successful applicant will be matched with an appropriate intake faculty advisor. Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to review each faculty member’s research/teaching expertise and indicate, in their statements of purpose, a potential faculty advisor under whom they wish to conduct their graduate study.