International Business & Development Studies Courses

BD521 International Economics This course is designed to provide students with the basic theories of international finance with an emphasis on macroeconomic perspectives. The course begins by examining the balance of payments to understand how different international transactions are measured. Next, we study how exchange rates are determined and how they interact with various macroeconomic variables in the short run and the long run. The roles of monetary and fiscal policies under different exchange rate regimes are also discussed. In the latter half of the semester, students will learn various recent policy debates, such as optimum currency areas and currency crises. Sakane
BD525 Supply Chain Management This course covers high-level supply chain strategy and concepts and provides the student with a solid understanding of the analytical tools necessary to solve supply chain problems. Key drivers of supply chain performance such as facilities, inventory, transportation, information, sourcing, and pricing will be covered. Khojasteh
BD532 Economics of Development and Poverty This course deals with the forefront topics of economic development and aims to provide students with necessary tools to understand basic and advanced issues of economic development. This course will survey and examine empirical research on the main development economic theories. Fuentes Cordoba
BD707 Topics in Business and Development 1 Topics in Business and Development 1 is the graduate course with a focus on entrepreneurial finance about financing activities in venture business. The course introduces entrepreneurial funding activities, such as venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE). The concepts of VC and PE are discussed in classes along with the life cycle of venture business. The main topics include: (1) private equity fundraising and structuring, (2) investment origination, valuation, and value creation and management, (3) Investment exit. Besides, this course goes further to discuss strategies of venture business investment, like leveraged buyout. In this course, students are expected to obtain the knowledge of various methods of entrepreneurial fundraising, such as PE and VC, as well as case studies of business practices. Liu
BD708 Topics in Business and Development 2 Topics in Business and Development 2 is focus on project management (PM). The contents are based on the concepts of PM pertaining to business development. The first half semester introduces the processes of PM and the fundamental knowledge of PM, including WBS, PERT, CPM, scheduling, resource allocation, and earned value. The second half semester discusses the main topics of business development related to issues in PM, such as governance, partnership, risk, information management and so on. In this course, students will learn the essential knowledge of project management, and build the skills in designing a business project. Based on theoretical learning, case studies are applied to strengthen students’ managerial thinking in combining knowledge to the business world. Liu