JS501 Modern Japanese Visual Culture

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Modern Japanese Visual Culture
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Using a very useful anthology, titled Philosophers on Art from Kant to Postmodernists, as the primary textbook, this course will introduce students to a range of philosophical (aesthetic) theories from the modern to contemporary periods while paying particular attention to how they provided various new possibilities of analysis and interpretation for art historians, critics, and/or artists. But the implications of this review are not limited to the field of art history and visual culture. Since the philosophers on the reading list invariably address the problem of representation in its wider sense (linguistic, visual, political, etc.), the theoretical insights the students will learn in this class can be meaningfully related to a wide range of academic disciplines and research projects. Therefore, although readings and discussions are predominantly about visual images, students are encouraged to take up other types of objects or texts for their investigations. Furthermore, the class is not simply about applying the readymade theories to objects of investigation. Students are also encouraged to examine the limits and the possible coalescence of those theories by closely examining the material specificities of their objects of investigation.
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M.A. in Japanese Studies
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