AG519 Globalization and Institutional Change

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Topics in Sociological Theory
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********* Not offered in 2019 ******* In the post World War II era market-based production of wealth has become global project encompassing all nation-states and their populations. The first iteration of this concept was “development” first expressed in the late 1940s and early 1950s through modernization theory. This was followed by dependency/world system theories in the 1960s and 1970s that were critical of the modernization theory approach to development. In the 1990s the concept of development came to be superseded by the concept of “globalization” that reflected a profoundly changed view of the market and wealth production in the world. In this course we examine the underlying assumptions of each concept/theories to understand how they define situations and modes of intervention by political and economic elites, and also give rise to counter-arguments, opposition and resistances. The course starts with foundational statements by Karl Marx, Max Weber, and others then moves to more recent and contemporary writings by sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists, and political economists. Additionally, through the evaluation assignments you will learn how to critically evaluate social science writing.
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M.A. in Global Studies
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