AG532: Media and Politics

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Media and Politics
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The news media are enormously powerful and have a strong role in all aspects of governance. Should journalists, who are not elected by the people, have this much power, and can they exercise it effectively? Or are news organisations inevitably compromised by their drive for profit? What is the impact of the tumultuous change sweeping the news media? Will traditional news survive? Should it? What is the nature of the media’s power: how fully and in what ways do the media shape public opinion, elections, debate, and policy? Are the media politically biased? How adept are political leaders at manipulating the media, and do their efforts undermine democracy? Do new communication technologies threaten the role of the traditional media? What can be learned from news coverage of the War on Terror, the war in Iraq, and the 2012 US presidential election? How does the media environment vary in different cultural contexts? Questions such as these will be addressed in this
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M.A. in Global Studies
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