AG509 China-The Global History of A Rising Power

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China-The Global History of A Rising Power
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China’s rise as a global economic and military power continues to be one of the most important stories of the modern world. This course contextualizes China’s global aspirations through an examination of its history. China had long been one of the largest agrarian empires on earth, with regional and even global reach in various historical periods. Today, China has deployed this history in support of both a nationalistic domestic agenda, but also globally, as an effort to brand modern China as a kind of benevolent rising superpower. Topics we will cover will include China’s historical economic development, ‘The Great Divergence”, the history of regional interactions and building of a multi-ethnic empire, ethnic tension, exchanges (material, cultural, intellectual), interactions with Japan, pan-Asianism, imperialism and anti-imperialist nationalism, the Chinese diaspora, China’s role in the socialist world, China in Africa, Chinese cities as sites of globalization (or not), and the ongoing environmental, social and cultural consequences of state-capitalist expansion.
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M.A. in Global Studies
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