AG516 Global Migration

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Global Migration
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International migration is of increasing significance to almost all countries in the world. Issues such as undocumented migration, immigrant integration, and multiculturalism, raise several concerns regarding immigration controls and policies of receiving states. On the other hand, sending states continue to export labour migrants as part of economic policy, where remittances make-up a big part of the country’s GDP, notwithstanding implications on migrant security and labour conditions and rights. Nevertheless, migration is gradually changing the face of the globe and at the same time, changes the migrants themselves. This course is a survey of current theories and contemporary debates on migration, focusing on selected cases from around the globe. While this course focuses on sociological and anthropological analyses of international migration, it also provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of this phenomenon. The course starts by looking at current trends in migration and introduces several theories and perspectives that are used to analyze and understand human mobility in the contemporary world. Next, various issues that have implications on both receiving and sending states will be taken up, along with several challenges that migrants and people on the move face regarding their identities, culture, families, and life-changing decisions. Moreover, this course entails in-depth discussions on human mobility and the power relations involved, looking at the dynamics of structure and agency and the interconnectedness of migratory processes to notions place and identity. As such, it serves as a useful tool for a critical examination of migration trends and issues in the contemporary world.
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M.A. in Global Studies
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