List of Theses in Global Studies Ph.D.

Chengli Jiang
Surviving the State: Chinese Laid-Off Workers Turning State-Owned Pensioners
Advisor: David Wank
Kinyua Kithinji Laban
The Politics of Decentralising State in Africa: An Evaluation of State Programmes in Embu District of Central Kenya to Lay a Foundation for Implementation of Politics of Distribution.
Advisor: Takeshi Ito
Yasuhiro Sasayama
Achilles' heel of Pax Americana : A Comparative Study of SOFAs (Status of Forces Agreements) agreed by the U.S.
Advisor: Tadashi Anno
Lenka Vyletalova
A Sociological study of transnational careers in Japanese corporations : corporate expatriates and local hires
Advisor: David Wank
Chuanfei Wang
Joining the global wine world : the case of Japanese wine world
Advisor: James Farrer
Sonja Dale
Mapping X - The Micropolitics of Gender and Identity in a Japanese Context
Advisor: James Farrer
Rossella Ceccarini
Artisanal Pizza in Japan: A Case of Culinary Globalization
Advisor: David Wank